OPTech® Lease Mapping®

OPTech® Lease Mapping is an application that allows property managers to analyze apartment unit availability data geographically through the use of thematic maps. It allows information exported from a Property Management System to be brought into MapInfo and viewed geographically and thematically with no knowledge of the MapInfo® software. The application guides you through creating maps to analyze Physically Occupied and Available Units.

MapInfo® Applications and Data Products

MapInfo Professional® an innovative, bound breaking application! It is a desktop mapping system that can quickly help you spot areas of opportunities that typically go unnoticed. Being a powerful data visualization and analysis tool, MapInfo tells you who’s buying your products, where your product is being bought and how you can target prospects more efficiently.

Using the MapInfo® desktop mapping system, you can quickly and intuitively see relationships between data in a user-friendly geographic format. It allows you to efficiently manage your resources and take action on information that is important in your decision making.

Desktop Mapping applications are helping companies all over the world improve their efficiency in sales, marketing, telecommunications, logistics, distribution, dispatching and other service areas.

If you are moving toward this type of technology or looking for one that is more efficiency and user-friendly than one you are currently using, it would definitely be worth your time to take a closer look at the MapInfo Professional® desktop mapping system.

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